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Resumes demonstrate to an employer that you are qualified for the job by highlighting your experiences and skills that are relevant to the job you want. Crafting a competitive resume means customizing it for each job you apply for! The days of generic resume objectives and lackluster task-based bullet points ARE OVER! Your resume is an opportunity to lead by example, share your achievements and tell a story. Ask your Career Advisor for the accomplishment statement formula at your next advising session. 

A resume is a comprehensive professional document that provides a snapshot of who you are, including your skills, abilities, and professional experiences. It is an opportunity to make a great lasting first impression with hiring managers, HR, future employers, and recruiters providing insights into how you might fit into a job or company culture. It is NOT meant to get you the job - it’s only meant to take you to the next step, which is hopefully an interview! Finally, it really should be about your future; Where are you headed? What skills and abilities are you going to take with you to this next position? Make your resume about the future by tailoring it to the job description that you’re applying for… and yes, this does mean you need to revise it each time you apply for a new job! But we can help with that.

You might see a job ask for a CV... and “what is a CV?”, you might ask. A CV is different from a resume, all though you will often see these words used interchangeably. A CV is typically required in academic fields - for artists, professors, and teachers! You may be asked for a CV for graduate school applications. Most often, if a job is asking for a CV, it is ok to submit your resume. But if you are unsure, ask us!