Welcome to the Career Center. We offer many resources to support you in finding and creating a career and life you love. Our purpose is to help you translate your college experience and academics to future endeavors, bridging the transition to empowered citizenship and successful livelihoods.

When you are just at the start of your career journey, it can be tempting to imagine that it will be one straight line. However, that’s not the way it works — and that’s a good thing! The United States Department of Labor (DOL) reports that the average worker will have 3-7 jobs in their lifetime. We are here to support you in developing the necessary career readiness skills that will last throughout your career journey.

The Career Center team is here to help you navigate your personal career journey through advising, resources, and tailored career events and job fairs. Your Career Advisor will give you the support, tools, connections, and space for self-assessment and reflection to identify the paths you want to pursue - grounded in a sense of your own values, strengths and interests. We are here to support you, whether you are a Freshman or a graduating Senior or beyond, as you adventure through college and lay the groundwork for your future career.

You don’t have to have it all figured out yet... You can get started at any time - it is never too early, and it is never too late! Be sure to follow us on social to get the latest updates about employers on campus, who's hiring, how to refine your resume, what to wear to an interview, how to talk to employers, and more! It’s also a great place to stay updated on campus events.

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